Removing Online Defamation

Zach Featherstone has removed over 2,500 URL’s from Google AU, Websites and Social Media Platforms.

Reputation Repair

Zach Featherstone has assisted business and individuals repair their reputation after online attacks.

Expert Advice

Zach Featherstone provides expert advice to individuals and the legal profession to assist in defamation cases.

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removing internet defamation

Removing Online Defamation

Defamatory and libelous content published online can, and often does have detrimental effects to your bottom line. Utilising our unique industry leading practice, we have high success rates in removing online defamation.
online reputation repair

Online Reputation Repair

Your Online Reputation is everything. Our specialist approach aims to to remove publications or reduce the impact of negative content, thus enhancing the work we do in creating a positive Internet Reputation Profile for you or your business.
Expert Advice

Providing Expert Advice

Expert advice is often required in Defamation Cases. Our reports illustrate the damage associated with defamatory publications found online, providing legal counsel with worldwide readership, circulation, other relevant statistics and advice.



Website Design

Zach has extensive experience in website development and design. While self taught, Zach has been responsible for building over 100 websites at very cost effective rates.

Business Strategy

As a business graduate with over 5 years experience in business, Zach understands the core strategic needs of business, delivering strategies that recreate, improve and position businesses for advantage.

Systems Integration

Zach is highly experienced at integrating new systems into already existing work places and environments. Typical integration include software, procedures and technology.


Zach has over 5 years experience in business and has extensive experience in marketing niche products and services to small and defined target markets. Zach can assist you to better identify and engage with your customers, allowing you to gain more sales.

Online Payments

Zach can enable you to take payment via online terminals such as PayPal, Poli and others, allowing you to generate revenue through your website or online platform.

Online Advertising

More than ever, business sales are being generated from Online Advertising campaigns. Understanding this, Zach has an in depth understanding of online advertising and methods to improve lead generation and sales.

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